Three ways I save money this week

by - August 13, 2016

Eat simple local food that are still relatively affordable. [RM 10 is like $2.5 dollar] and drink plenty of plain water / coffee from office pantry. 

No shopping malls parking, no entry fee, no fear of being the only person walking in the park.
I have 3 days of fun for less than RM 20 (estimated petrol cost). However, I get headache thinking about Pokemon so I am quitting the game. Parents - look after your children's state of mind!

I cheer and cry when Ayana was heading towards her 10000 meters world record. Everyone in the stadium did too.

All in all I spend less than RM 90 this week.
 RM 90 a week - that's the lowest I could made-do with living alone. How about you? 

*Before rental and other fixed fees.   

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