Hi, welcome to Lyn & Ringgit! *Hugs*

Lyn is my blog name. I embark on a journey to optimize finance when I nearly drop out after high school because there was no funds.  Now I spend half of my time working in a plant, make up-free and wearing tracksuit and the other half daydreaming. I am prone to stumble upon something beautiful and make an impulse purchase.

This blog is about how I make life awesome with a little - a bit of silliness, sharp wit and unending tales related to numb3r.

I believe that we are not defined by our wealth or stuff; Dishonest money is the reason the society is broken. Ananias and Sapphira lied and were struck dead. Yes, I believe that Christ came, died for us as the sacrificial lamb of God so that we can met in heaven for eternal.

Some post to get you started:
You could contact me at lynnringgit [at] Gmail [dot] com or support me by following on twitter @lynnringgit. Millennial's  (one that love dusty pink) are too prone to blog away their jobs. Thank you.