Money Diaries: Oct 2017

by - November 01, 2017

October is awe-inspiring in every sense, yellow trees, and yellow barns. I burned a couple of hundreds to throw a dinner for friends, win hot noodle challenge, go on accidentally outing trip, expensive takeaway dinners, watch the F1 race from the grandstand.

 They are not failures but celebration. Living life satisfies more than loving money.

I think on top of all the "costly" experience, my spending was quite on track. Food came below budget goal, transportation was high only because I bought too many petrol cards. Also, I decluttered a shelve (or two) and sold 7 items for RM535. Can’t thank them enough for lifting things away from my life. Then I bought a cheap cake mixer on a whim (RM79.90) and expensive instant espresso (RM50).

Next, I have a very modern addition to my list of favorite perfume – Chanel Gabrielle at a rock-bottom price - free. I have not spent money on a full-size perfume bottle and I don’t think I ever would. However, it would be remiss of me to say that I didn’t make frivolous purchases on some products and treatment. RM770.

Some other spending: A course and a newsletter subscription. RM169. Annual medical insurance bill. RM202. I have to trust Him on this, life goes on without a full medical coverage. Bits and pieces of giving. RM449

Finally, the annoying, noisy credit cards. I canceled a few credit cards this month, especially the ones that are giving me scream and nightmares – Citibank. They feed me with SMS every other day and is the winner of the premier award for hardest to reach “kill switch” brand. Instead of feeling powerless, controlled by the 'Americans', I decided to go the extra mile and cut the card. RM120

Despite the fact that inflation has gone up according to CPI, my excel template shows me that I actually need less for emergency fund now than before. So I am lowering my emergency fund by 20%. Let's see what I could to do with the extra's.

Nov goals

Organizing kids camp

I don’t like kids as many may have thought. Sometimes random toddlers would come and hold my hand and I honestly don’t know what to react but stun.


I have this habit of reading blog post daily but now I am switching into analyst reports. I use scribd to read magazines like Time, Bloomberg, Lonely Planet. They are all there and it’s free (paid scribd membership).

Chasing the numbers

Oct was about bond fund, and I invested minimally on a bond fund of choice. Shiller CAPE now hit above 30 (Shiller CAPE measures how expensive is market valuation) and I get little cold feet. Even the hurricane did not break the index, we live in such interesting times. With that, chasing the numbers in November would be reducing expenses and finding a job, maybe?

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