Financial Muse Mar 2017

This March, I spent RM10,725. Houston, we have a problem.

What did I buy with this outrages over-spent? Nothing.

I gave away RM5,340 for a social cause. I do not know what made me so fearless and determined in giving except that it happened. As a result, I should stop giving for this year - apart from the occasional coffee.

And I was obliged to fork out RM1,900 for car maintenance.

The remaining of RM3,400 for everything else seems fair. I did splurge on a Zara lace top and Arcona Tea Tree Mask . To look presentable and to curb adult pimples. Are these lifestyle inflation or a need?

In the mid of March, I lost my job in two hours. The notice came like this: We are so sorry we have to stop this contract due to xxx. Two hours later I was logged off from the system. It didn't end the world but it certainly feels bad. They suddenly rehire me a week after. Weirdo. Thanks for the one week of holiday anyways.

In my free time, I read public listed reports and to my amazement, the board of directors gets paid like $200,000 to millions. And what do they do? They go for board meetings few times a year and scrutinize the management that does the real work. I already know how one can get rich but this passive income sounds way better. How does one be inside the board? Be good at what you do or be born into some family?

Deep down, I know it’s the later. Yes, there’s not much point to merit unless you are the only one in the world that could do something. That’s why copying works. Like, Grab copy Uber. And because copying works, we do not need to be a genius to gain financial freedom or retire early. We just need to copy how others made it.

Some of the FI style to copy:
  • Low commitment: Live in small spaces, use second-hand car, cut TV cable 
  • Living minimalist: Don’t buy craps, cherish your time, family and friends 
  • Live like a broke college kid: Minimal lifestyle inflation, frugal food, thrift clothes
  • Wealth builder: Passive income, assets purchase, better paying job 
  • Productivity hero: Hold 3 jobs and be really good at it!
Finally, one last one just for Malaysian Bumi – find a way to be sleeping director. I say this because I wish the best for you - not that it's easy but you just need to be lucky once. Why struggle hard thru life when you can be rich fast, quick and legally.