How will your 30s financial look like?

by - March 23, 2017

Last month, my 30s friend caught in a snatch thief situation. It was a mishaps turned into stressful situation.  Despite having dual professional income with no kids ( Estimated household income RM10,000) , she couldn’t fork out a hundred ringgit to replace her cards. That’s USD25.

One thing I notice is they buy a lot of little inexpensive things. Tons of them.

My income couldn’t beat the combine income of both of them, and I generally like fine things in life. But I have less financial worries because I don’t buy the little things. I been there before but I got out of it fast. My beloved mother, on the other hand, still doing it. Ouch.

My income also couldn’t beat my better paying 30s friends with the same taste in life. But we are comparable in terms of finance because I live with the minimal while they play the game call fashion show. My favorite Nike t-shirt is with me for 7 years and still counting.

In our 10’s and 20s, we are all exploring. But you always know where someone is heading at their 30s. Do you want to be financially vulnerable or start building passive income when you are in the 30s?

The easiest way to riches for the educated is not inheritance or a jackpot. It’s having the vision and determination to build wealth as early as possible. One the formula is stopping irrelevant spending. Spending habits in what stands between us and financial freedom. The right attitude will bring you far.

I came from the haves-not family.  My determination to save came early. My vision came a bit later. Life have its way of making things right when you start things right. In 2 years’ time, I will hit my 30s. I want to have a quarter mil in cash and maybe a small space (650sq ft). It is not a fancy success story and every average person could get there.

What will be yours?

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  1. Love this articles. I am in my mid/late 20s and share a similar view to you. Growing up in a 'have-not family' made me want to be a saver/investor. Like you, I also have those friends that spend often and do not save.

    My 30s are going to be great. I plan to be 'retired' and have enough passive income to support my life and only work if I feel like it. I plan on traveling and volunteering a lot.

    Keep going!

    1. Hi Guy! Thanks. It would be totally amazing to be able to travel and volunteer in the 30s. Let me know if you drop by this part of the world! :)

  2. I'm definitely a saver. I think it comes from not having a job as a teenager so I made sure to limit my out goings as I didn't have much coming in, and now, even though i have a job, that mentality has stuck with me. My parents were also careful spenders which has influenced me.

    And I've got friends whose idea of saving is very different. For example, my friend and I are both going to be buying houses with our partners soon so we'd talked about having smaller holidays so more money can go in to the house. My version of a small holiday is 3 days away in the same country i live staying in an Air BnB. Her version is 2 weeks, all inclusive, in the Dominican Republic. It's crazy how people's money views can differ so much.