What have changed since I blog about personal finance?

Here are some figures of this blog for you

The cost to set up: RM75 a year. 

Yes, it's just less than USD18 a year to get this site up and running. I tweak all the JavaScript, CSS codes and do the image design myself. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I know, I hate myself when the post looks unappetizing.

Hours spend: 220 hours/year

An average of 4-5 hours a week for the past 1 year. And they are working hours, not the free sleeping time. That is about 1.5 months of working time! Ops.

Blog earnings: RM0 

Yup - zero. Judging by the time spent, I should stop this hobby. 
Yes I know, one of the best ways to earn is to be Bluehost affiliate. It's already like an MLM. 

Write 100 times better

I could write with better grammar these days. Gone are the days with mistakes in every sentence. Funny I don't make these mistakes at work documents. I actually get gradeA at school - well, public school.

Manage my finance 2x better 

While the correlation between blogging and financial skill is not proven, I did find myself in better financial shape in 2016. I learned a great deal of financial wisdom and gratitude. Someone actually received toilet bowl as a birthday present when money was tight in the family! At least I did not get any gift. 

Twitter - 270 followers 

My only method of getting the word out about this space. I choose not to maintain the Facebook page because it's too complicated.  I like words better.

Other returns 

I gained friends. Suraya from ringgit oh ringgit has been so supportive from day 1 despite my glitches.

Inspiration to do better and get my financial freedom by 35!