Why aren't I comfortable talking about my money?

Have you ever woke up one day and have an ‘ah ha” moment? I ‘woke’ up one day and realize that I have taken a very safe step in defining what personal finance is. And I have forgone the original intention I have in setting up this website – to deal with my own spending.

So instead of writing the real stuff, I talk about how to stretch a roasted chicken for a week (smack face). Adopt the most neutral color scheme and layout.  -Sad, Cold, Soulless-  

Why can't I get 'weirdly open' about my personal finance?
^A term I learn from Suraya at Ringgit Oh Ringgit.

"I get panic attacks every time I put in the figures."
" Jealousy and stalking is prominent here."

Right - people announce their million dollar net worth and they are just fine.

The other side of the story is I do not want to face the harsh reality that:

1. I am earning below average.
2. I still splurge. I like to eat, I like to shop and I want things of the best quality.
3. I don't have very solid financial goals.  

There's a saying that if you don't feel the pain you are not saving enough. Well, I don't feel a pinch. The truth is, I am not doing enough for my personal finance.

Facing our fears is part of growing up. Being accountable is part of growing up.

So lynnringgit is getting personal -I am going to take steps in posting the figures of my life. Get out if you aren't prepared to agree and laugh or cry with me.

-Real, Warm-Hearted, Messy Life -