Minimalist declutter illusions

I been trying to move things out of my life because:

  • I do not have enough space for all the things.
  • It's financially sound to live like a rich minimalist 

I had to.

This time, I let go a brand new scrabble game set. The box was inside the storeroom for nearly two years - sealed. Something unthinkable happened - my mum cried! She objected and have watery eyes when she saw me carrying the set out for postage! It's like I shattered her dream.

Honestly, I don't think she ever thought of playing scrabble once for the past two years. Yet, she had such a strong emotional attachment towards a game set that was never played. Why? She associated this game to good learning, the good vocabulary of her kids. But that's an illusion, isn't it?

With plastic and things at the economics of scale, we get access to a lot of good things that we don't use and yet holding on to the dream. When we buy something, we easily buy into the promise that is an illusion because we never actually take the hard action of practicing. Dream is something you work on, illusion is something fake.

I don't want to hold onto anything that I am not using or need for this phase of my life.
And my mum never takes into heart about the scrabble set anymore - I hope.

Update: Yes, three months down the road, there were no mention of scrabble, not even a once.

Minimalism is not only about clearing clutter. It's unbecoming all the noises to be what we meant to be.
Are you still holding on into illusions?