Investment express report

Well, where do I start? As much as I like to avoid mutual funds, I am trapped with a brother that find trust funds fascinate and treat them like a trading tool as much as I do with equity.

We go very different route in managing 20's finance and year-to-date he BEAT me big time with one of his main investment - a mutual fund riding on Indonesia rising economy at 19.8% return year-to-date return. I have to accept the defect - I am never that good with investment. It's harsh painful lose of intellectual debate.

Indonesia - land of opportunity that performs well whenever there is good governance. 

Will my mini Project be the comeback?

After opening a CDS account beginning of the year, I have consolidated money I left in different account into one and I will not invest new fresh funds for this two years. Instead, I'll start over in building emergency savings.  I want do this the guru investment way – that is, till death keep us apart. Because you know, I also care about passive income.

The idea is to generate enough passive income as my bare budget by year 2026. Well, I have a dream, a system set and I'll move on. As of writing, the fund is 25% invested and I am planning to fully invest by Dec 2016. Till then this is my last 2016 chapter. -reason this post came early of the month- 

I hope this to free up my time and future savings for what I wanted in life. Yes, dining around the world. Yes, embracing innovation and ideas. Yes, to the making life better for people.

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If you’ve ever gone through the path of self-manage investment, please leave an inspirational comment for those who need a bit of motivation for the rest of the year. I’ve got you!