Invest 07: What goes up must come down?

I turn older this July and wonder what I would be 5 years later. At the current rate, I save an average of RM 1,200 a month. That would be RM 72,000 in five years time. Depending on how you see it - it's a good figure yet a mere figure (can't even buy a toilet in the city center) - I am inside the lower middle-income trap. *Sob*

DJIA break new highs in this July. I had been waiting for a bear market for some time but now I start to believe that it will never go down even as the only thing that fed and central banks can do is to print money to fuel the economy. USA cease QE but ECB and Japan are Queueing for more money "creation". Even Bank Negara decides to lower interest rate. [A good move with the flip side of - is our housing not expensive enough? ] Who says what goes up must come down? Maybe we have just reached the tipping point of entropy?

IF market never comes down, yields will go lower while goods and skills appreciate, and economy activities increase, hopefully. One could never time the market, so I conclude that the best thing a 20's could do is invest in learning niche technical skill and real estate if you don't mind commitments. I pick programming, not reading trading analyst or timing the market.

This month I withdraw 50% of the free cash to keep as FD. It is a temporary measure. I also saved an additional of RM 1,800, the result of "prudent" Jun spending and moonlighting. In the meantime, I sold CARLSBG on strength and did some trades on CIMB for pocket allowance. Current holding - ATRIUM, BJCORP, TWRREIT, YTLPOWER.

I have nearly forgotten about the small fund that I suppose to manage for my mom. *Slap* When she ask me about the idle account, I bought a few Maybank shares at RM 8.05. Note: Maybank employee exercise price is RM 9.20. The fund is now fully invested.