You do not know when it's Your Time, Write Your Will Today

Recently there has been death from incidents or health issues among my parents' friend. And in all funerals, the livelihood of the family and kids they left behind is always the talk of the table. Having taken things for granted and not writing a will soon enough, they cannot even access their husband's account after two years.

I am not sure if our local Uncle Sam actually imposed a deceased tax. I mean, they rob from the death!? But writing a will does make things easier. Or better, trusting your family to joint hold the assets while you are living.

My grandpa leaves the loveliest will before his passing in sickness.

He says: We are blessed to be able to sustain in this world full of challenge and you all are able to make your own living. I sense that am weak and will be leaving soon. I came empty handed. The little I gather will no matter much so I hope you all will take in equal and live in love and harmony after my death.

He is only referring to his children but it's simply so elegant that it stays in my heart and gets intent done.

Having a will is a part of the safety net of personal finance for the people you left behind. Fortunately, the law has made it pretty simple for us to leave a will. So if you have not done this my challenge to your is set an hour time to complete this today. There's no point of talking or reading about finance planning or writing a will and do nothing.

There are two ways to go by:

Do it yourself (Time: 60 mins Cost: A piece of paper and RM100-optional)

For most of us, a will does not need any special dealings. Just type in a word file or use a will template - print and sign. Make sure the items below are included.

  • State your name, IC number
  • Revoke all previous will and that you are doing this in sound mind
  • Appoint one or two executor
  • Detail out the beneficiaries allocation ( Name and IC number included)
  • Signed by you with two witnesses ( compulsory but they do not need to read the content) 
  • Optional - commissioner of oath stamping (optional but best, usually cost RM100) 

Getting it done by professional (Time: 2 hours to few days Cost: RM299 and above)

Have a large sum of asset or reasons to believe that someone will pop up upon your death? Please get your will draft by professional. Expect to spend at least RM1000 or more if you want the firm to safe to keep your will.

Rockwills charges around RM800 to write a will and same amount yearly for safe keeping.

You could also use bank will writing service at a cheaper fee between RM200-700. The service is simple and limited, you can't name your favorite bowl to your cat or add goodbye letter to your mom. In fact, the only thing they provide is the appointment of the trustee. Which you could do yourself as above for RM100.
  • Hong Leong Bank - RM299, Trustee - Amanah Rakyat
  • Maybank - RM699, Trustee - Etiqa
The drawback of writing a will thru online banks is you don't get to select the executor as it's preset by the bank. The key point is to look at who is the appointed party and if you want them to take hold of the matter.