Trip to Berjaya Times Square: What I learn about spending

It's been years since I made a trip to Times Square in Kuala Lumpur. Like most single adults on salary, I stop believing in cheap clothes. And as I walk thru the well-displayed shops, I learn a lesson in the psychology of spending - the cognitive bias.

The cognitive bias

We tend to believe a decision we made is better. 
I have chosen to believe that purchasing high street brands is a better choice and therefore are not so open minded to exploring at these fashion shops. I rationalize that the designs and quality are not great when in fact, they have evolved to the better. There is still room for improvement but the savings I can get from moving into a different price tag could be beneficial. It taught me that keeping an open mind in our financial judgment is important.

These are few other things I notice in this place:

Price concern: 

The price has gone up to RM35-45 range from the previous RM25 range. That's a big increase from my school days, I wonder how much allowance teenage get these days. The range of clothes is probably more comparable to local brands rather than international street fashion - so you get to save about RM30-50 for something you like if you are lucky to find one.

Size concern:

The size is mainly catered for people in UK6 size - if you are slim or petite, you can save so much money here. If you like Twenty3 style, you can find everything here half the price. Don't ask me who copied who. 


It's a good place to look for an inspired cardigan. They have updated the fabric colors so color wise you can find something that looks like Zara or Topshop. I bought a long cardigan for RM36 that looks like the one I am eyeing for RM299 in Zara. The difference is in the finishing - cheap quick side hem. Am planning to wear it for just a few times anyway. Not so the Tops, the prints on the t-shirt and embellish are still pretty odd and awkward after all these years - some factory just don't learn.


I realized that a lot of the clothes still have dye powder residual. Something you rarely find in high street fashion. Dye power, especially cheaps ones are usually harmful to our skin and health. So make sure you double wash everything before wearing. It also caught me thinking if  the dye is made of lead-based colorant it could destroy a child's brain growth. So I will probably not shop for things here if I have a kid. For health or money - your choice.

Special charges: 

Sometimes the sample looks much better than the new one you get. Am not sure if it was just the ironing or they really have a different sample. The cool thing is they allow you to take the sample too. However, certain shops charge for ironing of the sample! Usually RM2. Yeah, it's much cheaper than pressing in a hotel but I still feel like am ripped off.

Finally, buying cheaper is always part and parcel of living frugality. I come to appreciate that we can always voluntary choose to move down the standard and still find the same level of happiness. Is clothing something you would sacrifice for?

p/s: Saving on clothing is not quite me. So this is for you to think about.