Cost saving experiment -Zero mobile fee

Note: This is not an incremental saving. 

Sometimes I give myself a laugh for saving to the extreme. Especially when I still love shopping at Zara and choose Samsonite for my luggage - but here I am pinching the cents.  Last month I signed up for Uranger, with the aim to "pay-off" my mobile bill and so I did. My mobile expenditure for April is RM0.00. So, what it takes to get a month of free mobile connection without disconnecting from the grid? A BCard and 2 hours.

This is how you could do it
Step 1: Sign up for URanger
Step 2: Complete the surveys that you are comfortable with. Answer Yes whenever possible.
Step 3: Redeem the points to bcard point.
Step 4: Wait for a week for the points to show in your bcard account, then redeem RM10 umobile airtime with every 530 bcard points.

It took me about two hours to finish the surveys, and redeem about 1700 points which I convert into RM30 worth of umobile credit and off-set my mobile bill for the month.

There goes my experiment that's worth RM15/hr work - nothing to shout about but not that miserable either. Unfortunately, there aren't enough surveys for continuous free connection but you could continue to redeem the airtime by collecting bpoints from your family, friends etc.

For disclaimer: I do not fancy any telco nor affiliated to any. By far Umobile is the the only service provider that has not given me a shock bill. Bizarre bills includes Maxis RM520 for an email reply with one word "ok" from Philippines, Digi RM1,200 for 5 hrs roaming in Thailand, Celcom RM96 for a 10min youtube video.

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