Even better mobile plan - and it's prepaid

Prepaid won this time! Umobile has offered a new POWER prepaid plan - It's even cheaper than the Umobile RM28/month 3gb postpaid plan (Thanks to Celcom for trying to cut the market last year) If you are mainly a mobile data user - this plan is totally for you. (sign up before 30 Jun 2016) 

You top up RM30 and subscribe to UMI 30 to get 3.5gb + 2gb data which is no different than the postpaid 3gb high speed + unlimited low speed (if you been using around 3-5gb a month). And there are free 15 min daily calls. Comparing to U28 plan, you get a bit fewer minutes and don't get the free SMS .

Or you could also just top up for the 1gb+2gb data and accumulate the RM30 (like "selling" to your siblings who likes to call at half the price).

But wait, here is where the true savings come -

On the upfront, RM30 seems more expensive compare to RM28 postpaid but the actual spend is lower when you top up tactically by:

i)  Buy mobile top-up using Citibank card on 11th street.com. 15% or 20% discount daily till 2017 + earn 4% credit for 11th street (RM1.20) + accumulate Bcard points (worth another 1%). 
ii) Top-up at 7-11 and get free revive drink or cup noodle. 
iii) Join U-Ranger surveys - Accumulate and redeem 530 now 1000 Bcard points for RM10 Umobile credit. 

Sometimes you could even get top-up at 50% off. (Rarely but it does happen). An extra advantage for a student- you can take a break or skip a day or two during your finals with prepaid while postpaid cost is fixed.

All in all you can save RM5-8 per month - only this saving requires some effort and time - so I would think it suits a student more or couples (so you can save a min of RM10/ month and all the calls between). That's RM120 a year - being a bit frugal does help?

Apart from disconnecting from the grid, or wait a bit more for the upcoming webe (set to unveil on 13th Apr 2016), any ways to further save this cost?