Teach for Malaysia

I recently join a community center with kids from less advantaged background. Less advantage as in they has a LOT of stuff but not cash. Some of them are really tiny for their age but mostly are pretty normal like everyone I see on the street. [From economist standpoint - my friends that gone oversea does grow taller and looks more handsome - the quality of our food counts] I teach a few kids in hand - some of them are taking SPM this year and they can't understand Form 1 maths. :o

It is proven that any kid with IQ higher than 121 (which is pretty much average) can be taught anything with enough perseverance and right guidance. Makes me wonder where our education goes for the population who needs education most. After all our tax is paying 1 teacher including retirement benefits for every 18 pupils.

For these 17 years old, I have a bigger dream for them. I want them to get A for maths in SPM. 5 months to go - possible? I want them to know one can do anything they aim for in life. 

It will cost me a fair bit to travel - the toll itself will cost RM22 return per trip (thanks to our government visionary transport policy 20 years ago), cafe cost of RM40 once a month (my carrot to the kids) and I'll miss a lot of interesting events for Saturday. This will cost RM1,000 and a few thousand of opportunity cost. 

It is not my life calling to be a teacher - and this is probably the worst economy decision I made. And we can't claim any works as praiseworthy (this post is written to "butt-kick" their teachers who are not doing what they are paid with my income tax).  If I really can help lead them to a brighter future for merely this cost it'll all be worth it.

Taking a toll on the budget for the kids - Lynn