Finally, I unsubscribe the itemised bill

Today is a marked success for me. I have walked in to a U-mobile centre, waited for 30-40 mins to unsubscribe the itemised bill.

I never sign up for the mobile itemised bill. In fact, I clearly state I do not want that for my mobile because I never use more than the basic plan. But you know how sales service in Malaysia works generally - they put the little things in bid that you will not notice or negotiate.

Though I notice on the first bill and send emails to the customer service, nothing changed. True enough, I did not find the convenience to cancel the feature and a year has passed by. 

Finally, I add this into important to do list and went to cancel the itemised bill. 

The end result - I paid a total wastage fee of RM36 +6% tax. That's 15 cups of green teas in restaurant, or two frappe coffee. Time wastage worth another ~RM30. All in all I lose RM76 because I let the sales person fill the signup form. 

We can all be amazed as how much we can actually save if we just tweet certain things in our life, like planning our trip around a day, skip some tolls, order a cheaper healthier drink when dining out, reduce impulse spending, avoid expensive hobby unless you choose to be a pro.

Is there something you should unsubscribe today?