Cost saving experiment - I cut my hair

It's not about saving shampoo and water for keeping a short hair. I used to laugh when I read cut your own hair as a cost saving method. It sounds like some extreme frugal or things that only happen in the west because it's so expensive to get a hair cut there (like 50GBP in London)

And finally, I did that!

Post GST last April - the salon that I usually go raise their rates from RM30 to RM45. They aren't the only one - I asked a few place around KL and Malacca and they all are in the range of RM50 onwards. Well, actually the most expensive cut I had was at A Cut Above - 4 snips for RM90. 

I could afford it but :
1) My salary has not raised 40% and is aiming for early retirement.
2) What was essential now sounds like luxury spending. 

Of course, I could go for some quick cut for RM20. Either it was the unusual thing that makes me uncomfortable or I really did not find time whenever am at a mall - I did not do that. In the mean time my hair grows and grow so finally, I took a scissor - which thankfully is really sharp and cut off the ends. Apart from few limits such as I could only cut straight style for the back of my head, it was actually a success. I wonder if I could post it as a living cost saving measure. :p 

Suppose, If you are a family of five you could easily buy a set of good scissors and save a fair bit. The key for a newbie is to cut slowly and bit by bit so you don't make an unforgivable mistake.

I will still visit a salon to straighten or layer my hair one day, in the meantime, I'll live with this hair style that I made for myself. 

Have you ever find the need to cut your own hair?
Did it turn out well?