The equality in our time

Inequality gap is getting bigger and bigger but there's one thing that we human are humbly made equal on a daily basis - TIME. The rich can't buy time - they can buy people's time but no really their own anyway. But how much do you cherish your time? Do you feel the presence of time or it passes by the blink of eye? Honestly I never really did, it feels normal to do the normal thing, wasting time.

Around Aug last year, I came across this survey finding:

"Women spend 8 years of their life shopping."

That was the day I have this dislike walking long distance between shops in shopping malls - the realization that I was wasting 8 years! 8 years! of my life. And I watch LOT of TVs - there goes another 16 years of my life.

*Imagine 8 years you could have: Be a medical doctor, Round the world trip, Write 3000 diary entry, Get a PhD, Love few times, Raise a kid.

I did a bit of time accounting : each day I spend 10 hours in sleep + travel + meals time and 8+- for work on weekdays. (I think am quite expensive in terms of time spend)

Am left with about 48 hours a week. If we could learn a skill in 20 hours, that is 100 new things a year!

That apparently did not happen because I spend too much time shopping and consuming TV. I know I have to take some sort of accountability in spending my time and it has been a meaningful learning curve.

From Sep - Dec 2015:

#Obtained an specialization certificate on finance by university of Melbourne. Also on finance, I took two course by Yale: The Global Financial Crisis and Financial Markets. Both on-going as we speak.
#Took up course on budding responsive website. Still a newbie, instead of putting in full practice I test my skill by tweeting template like this website.
#Did a bit of French on Dualingo - currently on level 6. I have left it for two months - time to pick up again.
#Re-learn piano (quit at grade 1/2) - it wasn't easy but am still holding to "I have a dream"

In 2016 am trying to learn:

#R-programming - hopping on the big data analysis. 
#Illustration/Illustrator - both the creativity and technical side.
#DO things that God prompts me to do.

It is quite easy to "find" time for something when we are mindful of what we are doing.  Cherishing time is doing what we really like instead of taking what is thrown to us - so that we live with no regrets. In near future I would like to add more experiences like eating worms into the list (maybe not) - people who does that are just genius!