Clutter free home with Konmari method

I found Maria's book on some online reviews. It's call life-changing magic of tidying up. Maria Kondo is a famous organization expert because none of her clients retaliate back to the old ways and she teaches how to tidy up! Give me a clean room and I will mess it up on day one. Why Japanese has to always be kick-ass good in what they do? 

The best part of the book (always the introduction) sets a tone for how you decided what to keep. And it's a not entirely logic. In fact, she ask you to keep things that brings you joy. Things that makes you happy when you hold it. Too many times we keep things because we ought to or obliged to and we end up accumulating a stressful life. 

After that you will find that her methods are very structured with strict rules. 
1. De-clutter first before organizing.
2. Clean everything in this category in this order: Closet, Books, Papers, Komono (other items). 

While the steps seem simple, it will take about 2 weeks to 1 month to sort thru everything. Don't Quit, Don't Give Up. 

1. Gather all the same category items in the house and go thru one by one
2. Pick those that you will keep
3. Toss all to dispose of items. You must carry the items out of your house. [ This is to prevent your mom from carrying the items back to her closet - I know my mom does.
4. Begin organizing

To organize:

Closet / Her folding technique are quite unique, you can find them on  youtube - a concept of folding triangles so that everything can "stand-up" - now I live by this method.

Books and documents / If you have not finished reading a book it means the book is not mean to be finished. /Scan and digital "must save" documents

On coins / All coins belongs to the wallet. If coins are kept for no particular purpose it will be forgotten and become smelly.

Greeting cards/ The objective of the card is to convey greetings and if the purpose has been serve there are no reasons to keep the card.  This idea is very meaningful to me because I always feel bad putting AngPao's into the bin.

Beauty products / Count it with your fingers how many days can the products last you. If it's more than a year, laugh, snap a picture to your friends and carry the things out of the house.

The end result : Most people only keep one-third of their possession and do not need extra or new organizers. 

*A hint of what the end point should be for us.*

This weekend I discarded so much more things than just clearing the dust but to be honest I did not make the big leap because I hold back emotionally. I have photos with people I don't recognized anymore and still keeping the art exhibition posters that I did not get to attend.

If you are Scribe subscriber, Kondo books come as audio access, or you can read some free excerpts from here.