Cheap roasted chicken for a week

I don't eat kangkung and am not politically related so I can't buy RM1 chicken.

I grow up eating free-range organic grown kampung chicken and shy away from hypermarket chicken because it taste so fake.

But I couldn't afford what my parents have did for me, so I had to lower my living standard and buy roasted chicken in Tesco sometimes - for about RM12-14 depending on promotion (am mix between crying and grateful about it). I like those seasoned in black pepper because it's versatile and save your cost on seasoning.

It is pretty perfect because - 1. You save time, energy and cleaning in cooking at home. 2. It makes many dishes for a single or for two.

1. Salad * 4 portion
The breast-meat could be cut in nice slices and mix to make salad or as a main dish with mash.

2.  Dummy dinner * 4 portion
Eat the drumstick or wings as its own. You could also stew the wings.

3. Soup or stock base * 2-8 portion
Boil the bones and skin with any leftover veg in the fridge and you make a soup or stock base. I use chinese herbs for beauty.

4.  Tortilla Wraps * 2-4 portion
The random meats here and there on the bones are pulled and wrap with a tortilla together with lettuce and mayo. I also make porridge with the random meats.

With proper refrigeration and addition of potato, egg, wraps, lettuce, dressing - a roasted chicken can last a week and beyond. That's about RM25 for a week of lunch + dinner.

Health wise am not sure if it is as bad as eating processed food but I guess there are adequate protein.

Of course, the healthier option is to buy an organic chicken and roast a perfect chicken.