Being happy in life

Tell you a little secret- my obsession with the good things in life.

I like fine dining - Alba truffle, Sea urchin, Foie gras, Trout Salmon, Buri, Caviar, Goat’s cheese, Cherries. I really love them, not because it's expensive. I hope one day we can cultivate all this at enormous amount so that I can eat them for free.

I like good quality dresses - made of french lace, bridal satin, pima cotton - well tailored. 

I like fine linen - 900T Egyptian Cotton, Goose feather. Silk are nice too but too much maintenance.

I like perfume - The only three that ever caught my heart, two of them discontinued- Moschino Couture, FCUK Her, Bottega Veneta Knot.

I like good notebooks - Moleskin, Real leather bags.

I like sleeping and waking up with a great view.

These are very very expensive, I will not be able to make twice. They are like a dream - puff and disappeared.

But am also obsess with the best things in life that are free - God’s redemption for my soul are free, love is free, true friendship are free, time are free, life experience are free.

So even without all the above, I am not empty. I am happy and cherish every moment I have.